Those tiny bubbles.....(in YPD plates)

Beth A. Montelone bethmont at
Fri Jan 19 13:33:14 EST 1996

Arnoud Kal <kal at> wrote:
>On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Michael Lichten wrote:
>> I'm a bit embarassed to post this, as one would think I would have solved
>> this one by now....
>> Recent batches of my YPD plates have many tiny bubbles in them, or what
>> looks like tiny bubbles in the tetrad dissecting scope. (rest of bubble problem description snipped)
>I heard or read that some batches of agar give plates that are not 
>cristal clear, so you might poure a few plates from a different source or 
>try agarose (expensive plates!).
I too was going to suggest switching to a different grade of agar.  We use BBL 
purified agar exclusively for dissection plates.  I can always tell when someone 
screws up and makes a batch with regular (cheap) agar because you have a terrible 
time seeing anything for all the agar grains.  Also, as "killer yeast" suggested, 
improper autoclaving (which happens here sometimes) will give you grains in your 

Good luck!

Beth Montelone
Kansas State University

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