Wanted: Transcip'n term. signal

Scott Vande Pol sbv at pop.cwru.edu
Mon Jan 22 12:24:41 EST 1996

In article <4dm9cg$9sc at remus.reed.edu>, Dan Baggott <dbaggott at reed.edu>

> Does anybody have a plasmid containing a S. cerevisiae transcription
> termination signal as a cloneable fragment?

I have a plasmid with the yeast ADH termination signal with 5' R1, Xho,
Bam, Not sites and 3' Sph and Kpn sites.  Let me know if you need it.

Scott Vande Pol
Case Western Reserve University
Department of Pathology
Cleveland Oh. 44106
sbv at pop.cwru.edu

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