Help: Software for sequence alignment

Sandy Beeser abeeser at
Wed Jan 24 20:31:49 EST 1996

In article <yzhang-2101952236010001 at>,
yzhang at (Yeyan Zhang) wrote:

> I am trying to get a Mac program for simple sequence alignment so that I
> can compare the sequence from the gene I cloned and the original PCR
> sequence. Could  some body point me to some sites that might have some
> shareware/freeware for this kind of work? Thanks. 
> -Yeyan

If you have Web access you should try Pedro's Biomolecular tools which
contains links to various servers including ones performing alignment of
protein/DNA sequences. Couple of freeware alignment programs I've seen
were bad in execution and rather clamsy (compared to DNASTAR we normally


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