Workshops at the YGM Meeting

Robin L. Wright wrightr at ZOOLOGY.WASHINGTON.EDU
Thu Jan 25 20:33:49 EST 1996

It is time to start planning for the Yeast Genetics & Molecule  
Biology (YGM) meeting that will be held this summer in Madison,  
Wisconsin.  We are requesting ideas from the yeast community for  
workshops to be held at this meeting.  All suggestions are welcome.   
In addition, I would especially appreciate your comments on the  
following workshop topics:

One issue that appears to be critical at this time is graduate  
student and postdoc preparation for an increasingly difficult job  
market.  What are your suggestions for a workshop forum to deal with  
such "future of science" issues?  Is one such workshop enough?    

Do you like the idea of having a workshop devoted to undergraduate  
teaching strategies?  Or would  a poster session for such strategies  
be better?  

Would a workshop on GFP and other microscopy tags be useful?

What workshop(s) would you especially like to see included this year?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Robin Wright


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