Help: Expression w/ PHO5 promoter

Jay Phillips JPhillips at
Thu Jan 25 21:06:46 EST 1996

Hello People,
     I would like to do some yeast expression experiments using the
PHO5 promoter.  In addition, I would like to try some of these 
experiments with a strain with a pho4 temperature sensative mutation. 
      I have found a paper that describes a strain designated 29B5 
(pho4ts, pho80) (R.A. Kramer, et al. (1984), "Regulated expression of 
a human interferon gene in yeast:  Control by phosphate concentration 
or temperature", Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 81, pp 367-370).
Unfortunately, the authors of this paper were at the Roche Research 
Center, which I have been led to believe is now defunct, and I have
been unsuccessful in locating the whereabouts of the authors.  I have
also been unsuccessful in locating such a strain in any of the databases
I've searched.
     If any kind soul can give me information that can lead me to either
a strain with a pho4ts mutation (and maybe with a pho80 mutation as 
well), or the authors of the paper above I would be ever so grateful.

Thank you,
Jay Phillips
JPhillips at

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