Homologous Recombination in Yeast

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Fri Jan 26 15:51:27 EST 1996

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>     I have one question (maybe more!) concerning homologous recombination in 
> Saccharomyces cerevisiae. My main questions are:
>     1. Minimum homologous fragment size needed for homologous recombination.
>     2. Percentage of homology needed for this homologous recombination.
>     If you know about some reports in these subjects, please post your
> or contact me directly. I will post a summary of the answers I'll receive.
>     Thanks in advance,

Just 45 bp at each end of a selectable marker is enough to direct
homologous recombination, provided the original locus for the selectable
marker has been deleted.  See Baudin et al, NAR 21:3329-3330, 1993.  This
allows direct gene deletion using a PCR fragment.
David Roof

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