two-hybrid for protein-DNA interactions??:finding transcription factors

marco muzi-falconi muzi at
Sat Jan 27 17:54:35 EST 1996

Dear Heidi:

I know of two relatively recent papers that used the 'one-hybrid' 
approach to identify DNA-binding proteins of interest.  Although I don't 
have the exact citations handy, one is a paper by Li and Herskowitz (in 
Science about 2 yrs. ago) on the isolation of ORC6 (a protein involved 
in binding at origins of replication in yeast), and another paper by 
Wang and Reed (in Nature shortly after that) on the isolation of OLF-1, 
which is an olfactory-specific transcription factor.  Hope that these 

Prasad V. Jallepalli
Molecular Biology and Genetics
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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