yeast and minimal media plates

Deb Britt debbritt at
Mon Jan 29 14:28:55 EST 1996

We are starting some work with the Clontech Matchmaker system.  I plated
the Y190 host strain on YPD, then used that to inoculate some minimal media
plates, specifically SD lacking leucine, tryptophan, or both.  The strain
shouldn't grow, but I saw growth on all plates, though admittedly not a
lot.  I know that with bacteria you often need to make minimal plates using
noble agar, because the (bacto) agar may have traces of amino acids.  Is
this the case for yeast as well?  Should I be using purified agar?  I would
appreciate any comments from people who use minimal media for selection
protocols.  Thanks in advance!

Deborah Britt, Ph.D.
Medical Oncology
RI Hospital/Brown University

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