Summary of responses to tiny bubbles, or how to make tetrad dissection plates

Michael Lichten lichten at
Mon Jan 29 08:29:01 EST 1996

I thought that I would post a summary of responses that I had received to
my cry for help regarding tiny bubbles in YPD plates.

The concensus seems to be that theses tiny bubbles arise spontaneously in
YPD plates upon prolonged storage, and that putting plates at 4oC
exacerbates the problem.  Hard-core tetrad dissectors pour as many plates
as they're going to need in the immediate future, and keep those plates at
room temperature.  

I did the experiment myself, and found that plates kept at RT were fine
after 5 days, but the same lot put in the cold room had bubbles.

Others emphasized the need to use high quality (i.e. Bacto) agar. 
Unfortunately, we already are using it!

I still don't know what component is responsible for this annoying
phenomenon.  However, given that a solution exists, I propose that the
matter be considered closed.

The funny thing is, a postdoc in the lab had already come to the same
conclusion--but did he tell me?

Thanks to David Botstein, Scott Diede, Scott Givan, Lenore Neigeborn, and
anyone else who I've forgotten to mention.

Michael Lichten
lichten at

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