SacchDB for Macintosh

Mike Cherry cherry at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Mon Jan 29 15:42:52 EST 1996

An update of the Macintosh version of SacchDB is available via
Anonymous FTP.  This version is 2.4.21 and uses the same software as
the previous versions.  We have been delayed in our conversion to
newer ACEDB software and instead of delaying any longer the current
version is being provided.  To retrieve the database use FTP to and login as anonymous, the password should be
your e-mail address.  Retrieve the following file with MacBinary:


The entire database is contained within a StuffIt! self-extracting
archive.  This archive alone thats 35 Mbytes.  Once the database is
extracted from the archive it requires 112 Mbytes.  Besides those hard
disk requirements your Macintosh should be running System 7 and have a
minimum of 16 Mbytes of RAM available to the application.  We
recommend at least 28 Mbytes of RAM for average use.

We are considering monthly updates of the Macintosh version of the
database.  If you would be interested in periodically retrieving the
database please send us a message and state how often you would
envision getting a new copy of the database.  Please reply to:

    yeast-curator at

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