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Singer Instruments wrote:
> In article <4pj1i2$hks at jagalchi.cc.pusan.ac.kr>, Yungjin Kim <yjinkim at hy
> owon.cc.pusan.ac.kr> writes
> >To whom it may concern:
> >I am trying to do tetrad analysis, so I need to buy micromanipulator. If anyone
> >has any information on micromanipulator, please let me know.  w.
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Yung-Jin Kim
> If you care to contact me with your Fax number and mailing address I
> will send you full details of our complete, specially developed, yeast
> micromanipulation workstations.
> Regards,
> Carl Singer
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The Singer systems are the best you can get, I think.
If you have more than a passing interest it tetrad dissection, you 
really should check into Singer Instrument's systems.  I have one.  
I've used several types and the Singer makes it easy compared to the 
others.  Mark Walberg   walberg at simmons.swmed.edu

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