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Fri Jun 14 23:20:59 EST 1996

Hi everyone,

Would you believe I am still having problems with Northerns?  I don't 
think my specific problem is related to the method now, but to my 
probes.  Has anyone experienced (with either a Northern or a Southern), 
upon re-probing the membrane, that they get their probe binding all over 
the place in "splotches" if you like.  It is like it is binding to 
something else on the filter - could this be dried up SDS that sticks 
well to the filter?  (I strip membranes by boiling 0.5% SDS, pouring it 
onto the membrane and letting it come to RT.  I then blot the excess from 
the membrane using 3MM and re-probe.  I haven't seen this before and it 
is just ANOTHER item to add to my long list of "Northern problems".  My 
probes bound beautifully (if you could say that) to the that I 
cannot get it off!!  

Still I repeat the mantra passed onto me by Mike Leibowitz..."there's no 
such thing as a trivial Northern blot....there's no such 

Thanks for listening...

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