Would you explain geneic notation like pep4::HIS3 etc.

Oliver Berkowitz oliver.berkowitz at rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Sat Jun 22 01:31:20 EST 1996

Yang, Doo Suck wrote:
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> Hello.
> I was given a yeast host strain.
> It named as below.
> S. cerevisiae 2805
> a, pep4::HIS3, pro1-delta, can 1, Gal 2, his3delta, uar3-52
> I think that those notations are decribing genetic structures or status.
> But I have no idea what they mean exactly.
> Explain the terms for me, please.
> Thanks in advance
>                                         Yang, Doo Suck
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the terms you state in your request are selectable markers, this means the yeast 
strain is deficient of some enzyms. For example ura3 stands for a mutation in the 
Uracil-biosynthesis, the yeast will not grow on uracil-free media. This opens the 
possibilty to select transformants if you cotransform them with the wildtype gene on the 

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