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R.J. Davenport rjd23 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Wed Mar 6 18:49:42 EST 1996

can anyone with responses to rich buckholtz please post them to me/the 
whole newsgroup as well please?? I have been trying to mate a with alpha 
cells in liquid culture, and have found an apparently very low frequency 
of diploids unless i have one mating type greatly in excess of the other. 
I assume this is just to do with probability of meeting another mating 
type cell, but does the mating cycle also depend on growth rate (so 
will/won't occur in a dense culture)?
thanks very much!

Romola Davenport
Dept of Plant Sciences
Downing St Cambridge
(01223) 330 210 (lab)
(01223) 311 408 (home)

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