S. cerevisiae library

Laurence Pelletier pelletl at IRCM.UMontreal.CA
Wed Mar 6 20:01:50 EST 1996

I am currently experiencing problems transforming a pYEP213 (LEU2-based) S. 
cerevisiae genomic library. I get a very low transformation efficientcy
(1000 cfu/ug). With the same strain and a pYEP351 (LEU2-based) plasmid i 
get close to 10000 cfu/ul. I suspect the size of the vector (11 kb) does 
not help! I would appreciate if someone has (or knows someone who 
has) a LEU2-based or TRP-based multicopy S. cerevisiae library, and 
would kindly give me some, could contact me.

		Thanks in advance,

Laurence Pelletier
pelletl at IRCM.Umontral.ca

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