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>> Does anyone have advice or tips for using the micromanipulator for
>> picking up
>> asci?  (Besides lots and lots of patience...)
>Make a new needle.  Make sure that your plates are dry (left unbagged >2
>days after pouring).  Think only clean thoughts.
>>  How do you prevent the
>> cells from clumping when you put them on the plate?  I have tried
>> vortexing and pipetting up and down, but I still have lots of cells
>> clumped together.
>One way to prevent cell clumping is to lightly sonicate.  We generally set
>our sonicator on 0 (obviously not really 0) and sonicate for a few
>seconds.  I have also found that the inclusion of 0.1% TWEEN-80 helps.
Reduce the concentration of your inoculum and be careful how much liquid
you deposit when you streak.

We make and sell needles for ascus dissection; they work well with pombe
tetrads which are a little "sticky". Email me for details.

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