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>> Hello All,
>>   I just purchased a yeast dissection microscope and need to know where I
>> can get fiber optic needles.  If you know of a company, preferrably in the
>> USA, that supplies these needles let me know.  Please supply the address
>> and telephone number of the company.  Thanks.
>> John McDonald
>We use Singer needles from Britain. They are ok.
>Singer Instrument Co. Ltd., 
>Roadwater, Watchet
>Somerset TA23 0RE, UK
>phone: +44 (0) 1984640226
>fax:   +44 (0) 1984641166
>e-mail: yeast at
>BTW, where did you get your dissection microscope, and how much it was? We
>thaught to get one from Singer, but I'd like to compare.
>Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I am not employed by Singer.
>Tomas Drgon
We make needles and holders for ascus dissection as stated, but our
email address is: yeast@

Fortunately I am employed by Singer, but unfortunately the small one,
not the big one !

Carl Singer
Singer Instruments....a responsiblity to science
Somerset TA23 0RE
England                                      yeast at

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