Unconventional Myosin Myo4p?

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> Why is this myosin thought to be "unconventional"?  Is it because
> although SHE1 is required for mother specific HO expression, see
> accumulation only in daughter cells?  
> Karen Yoas
> Biological & Biochemical Sciences
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It's called "unconventional" because it has a distinctly different
structure than the first myosins to be studied, muscle myosin and
nonmuscle myosin type II.

Type II myosins, ie muscle myosin and its close relatives, have an alpha-
helical coiled- coil without a globular domain at the C- terminus, while
type V myosins, which include Myo4p, have a conserved globular domain at
the C- terminal end of the coiled- coil. All types of myosin other than
type II are called "unconventional" because type II was the only kind
known for about thirty years.

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