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Kathy Baynton baynton at
Sat Nov 2 06:20:47 EST 1996

Dear Francis, 

I would be interested in adding my name to the email directory list and 
at the same time, as I'm not sure where to send this question, I have 
included it - if you could either indicate where I could send this 
myself or do it for me, I would really appreciate.  I'm relatively new 
to this net stuff and apologise in advance for any inconvenience this 
may cause.  Thanks alot!!

I am currently using electroporation to transfect my yeast with the 
desired plasmid and was wondering if anyone knew what might be the level 
of cotransformation using such a technique.  Most people I've talked 
with suggest that this technique has a lower level of cotransformation 
than either the lithium chloride, PEG or spheroplasting techniques.  But 
some tests I've performed which enables the detection of two different 
plasmids present in a single yeast colony arising after transformation 
with an equal mixture of the two plasmids suggests that the level of 
cotransformation can vary from 1-10%.  Carrier DNA is not used and is 
usually not included in such a procedure.  I was wondering if anyone 
knows any more about cotransformation levels using any of the common (or 
not so common) transfection techniques and if possible, how can this be 
minimized, IF at all possible. ANY suggestions, comments etc. would be 
really appreciated!!  Thanks!!

Kathy Baynton

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