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> Dear Francis, 
> I am currently using electroporation to transfect my yeast with the 
> desired plasmid and was wondering if anyone knew what might be the level 
> of cotransformation using such a technique.  Most people I've talked 
> with suggest that this technique has a lower level of cotransformation 
> than either the lithium chloride, PEG or spheroplasting techniques.  But 
> some tests I've performed which enables the detection of two different 
> plasmids present in a single yeast colony arising after transformation 
> with an equal mixture of the two plasmids suggests that the level of 
> cotransformation can vary from 1-10%.  Carrier DNA is not used and is 
> usually not included in such a procedure.  I was wondering if anyone 
> knows any more about cotransformation levels using any of the common (or 
> not so common) transfection techniques and if possible, how can this be 
> minimized, IF at all possible. ANY suggestions, comments etc. would be 
> really appreciated!!  Thanks!!
> Kathy Baynton

I too would be interested to know whether anyone has compared 
electroporation to PEG or LiCl transformation for frequency of 
Kathy, I  hope if you get helpful responses you will post a summary 
back to the group.
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