ade3 dependent Histidine auxotrophy

Mark Walberg walberg at
Wed Nov 13 14:44:30 EST 1996

J. David Stepp wrote:
> Daniel Schott mentioned in passing that ade3 strains cannot synthesize
> histidine.  We've seen His auxotrophy in ade3 strains but were unaware that it
> was directly related.  Can others confirm this phenomenon?  Thanks.
> Dave Stepp

Yes, ade3 strains are definitely histidine auxotrophs.  
Ade3 is involved in one carbon metabolism, and its function 
is required for synthesis of both adenine and histidine.  
A great place to read about this is in the Cold Spring Harbor 
S.cerevisiae books from about 1981 or 1982.
     If you need to use your his3 marker in a selection, 
just put an ADE3 plasmid in first.  It works just fine then.

Mark Walberg   walberg at

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