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Cathelijne van Duren asked:

>I have a question regarding the glucocorticoid receptor.
>Does anyone know, which steroids act on this receptor except for the
>deoxycorticosterone steroid which I already used?

>Which concentrations would you recommend when used in yeast cells?

For different GR agonists and concentrations you should check out A. Wright
and J.A. Gustafsson (1992). Glucocorticoid-specific gene activation by the
intact human glucocorticoid receptor expressed in yeast. J. Biol. Chem.
267, 11191-95.

There are differences in responses to various glucocorticoids, some of
which may relate to drug solubility and the various abilities of yeast
strains to export steriods via membrane transporters. These transporters
are related to the family of mammalian p-glycoproteins that are often
responsible for drug-resistance in tumors. See A. Kralli, S. Bohen, K.R.
Yamamoto (1995) LEM1, an ATP-dependent cassette transporter, selectively
modulates the biological potency of steroid hormones. Proc. Natl. Acad.
Sci. USA 92:4701-5.

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