New Saccharomyces Sequences 11/16/96

SGD Sequences yeast-seq at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Sat Nov 16 07:08:04 EST 1996

=========== Updated Features/Annotations  =============

SCCDC48     X56956     6485bp    DNA      PLN      14-NOV-1996
    S. cerevisiae CDC48 gene for cell cycle protein CDC48p.
    cell divisionCDC48 gene; CDC48p protein; cell cycle control; HNT1; CDC48;
     CDC48p; CLN4, PCL2.

SCCHA4      Z49975     2561bp    DNA      PLN      14-NOV-1996
    S.cerevisiae DNA for CHA4 gene encoding DNA-binding activator.
    DNA-binding activator; CHA4.

SCU20641    U20641     3984bp    DNA      PLN      15-NOV-1996
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae glycine decarboxylase (GCV2) gene, complete cds,
     and c-HIS5 homolog gene, partial cds.
    Glycine decarboxylase; glycine cleavage; glycine synthase; GCV2; c-HIS5;
     glycine decarboxylase.

SCU51431    U51431     2760bp    DNA      PLN      14-NOV-1996
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae FLO8 gene, complete cds.
    FLO8; Flo8p.

SCYNL173C   Z71449     1989bp    DNA      PLN      15-NOV-1996
    S.cerevisiae chromosome XIV reading frame ORF YNL173c.

YSCRLM1     D63340     4421bp    DNA      PLN      12-NOV-1996
    Bakers' yeast DNA for Rlm1, complete cds.

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