Yeast genetic stocks

John Manners J.Manners at
Tue Nov 19 01:16:57 EST 1996

Hi Everyone,

We are about to commence some studies aimed at isolating yeast mutants
resistant to a novel anti-fungal peptide. We would like to identify
genes which confer resistance to the peptide and may provide clues to
its mode of action. We are new to yeast and yeast genetics. Could
someone let us know if there is a 'yeast genetics stock centre' 
equivalent to the the "Fungal Genetics Stock Center'  which is so useful
for Neurospora and Aspergillus materials. Finally I would be interested
in advice on which are the strains of choice for undertakeing the
mutagenesis, genetically characterising the mutation and then cloning by
complementation and advice on where to obtain the strains and materials.

Thanks for your time

John Manners
The CRC for Tropical Plant Pathology
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The University of Queensland
4072, Australia
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