Yeast contamination

Hernan Espinoza espinoza at
Tue Oct 8 16:36:45 EST 1996

S L Forsburg <forsburg at> writes:

:Doris Germain wrote:
:>         A colleague of mine has  yeast contamination in her mammalian cells
:> cultures (kept in G418). Does anybody knows of a drug that would kill yeast
:> and not mammanian cells?

>Well, we're usually more interested in keeping them alive, but
>there are various fungicidal formulations on the market that are used. 
> Fungizone is one.  (Despite my offers to demonstrate that lab yeasts 
>arent the culprits my tissue culture colleagues don't seem willing to
> let me seed their plates to show them).

	Well, neither would I did it myself (with my cells).
The result is that our lab strain (W303) doesn't grow in either Eagle
media or Graces insect media (+/- calf serum in both cases).   Not
that they cared...


PS - I also tried to feed S. cerevisiae to nematodes (C. elegans),
they didn't like it... I was a rotation student, it was late, what
can I say...

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