Antony Cooper coopera at cctr.umkc.edu
Thu Oct 17 17:13:37 EST 1996

Has anyone done a Southern in a ura3-52 strain probing with URA3?  I 
cut the genomic DNA with HindIII and expected the classic 1.1 kb 
HindIII URA3 band but I now understand that the ura3-52 mutation is in 
fact a ~6 kb TY insertion and this would probably explain my 
unexpected band size (smaller than 1.1 + ~6.0 kb).  I have attempted 
to determine if the Ty element has a HindIII site within it but the 
few Ty1 elements I've downloaded don't appear to contain a HindIII 
site. If anyone can shed some light on what bands to expect I'd 
appreciate it. Thanks. Antony Cooper.

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