new site "OD readers for experiments with yeast"

Metssalu Metssalu at
Tue Sep 3 03:33:56 EST 1996

Dear Yeasters,
Announcing a new web site "Automation in Microbiology" at address

By turbidometric microbiology readers the growth curves of bacteria, yeast
or phage culture can be recorded. Sterile dispensing, shaking, incubating,
kinetical OD measurement at aerobic or anaerobic environment and the PC data
handling is available. This new technology is useful for these microbiology
fields where kinetical monitoring of growth of multiple samples in liquid
form is wanted to be done automatically. On the publication list there are
over 100 items including approx. 10 journal articles of experiments with yeast.

Rein Metssalu, microbiologist (e-mail: metssalu at

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