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  OFFICE MEMO         Important Mtg Announcement            Date:  9/10/96

Dear colleague,

We want to bring to your attention a very special meeting entitled "Yeast
genetics and human disease".

As described in the enclosed announcement (which appeared in the August issue
of Nature Genetics and the July 26 issue of Science), the participants of this
meeting will discuss the value and great potential of combining studies in
yeast and mammalian systems to further an understanding of basic cellular
processes and underlying causes of human disease.  The meeting will have the
atmosphere of a retreat and be highly interactive.

If you or other members of your lab would be interested in presenting research
findings of relevance to the overall theme of the meeting, we encourage you to
submit an application and abstract.  Half of the talks will be chosen from
submitted abstracts.

Please note that the abstract deadline is September 13 (3 days from now), so
you will need to apply immediately.  Application information can be obtained
as described in the attached announcement.


Phil Hieter
Dave Valle


Yeast Genetics and Human Disease
a conference of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University

November 14-17, 1996
Mt. Washington Conference Center
Baltimore, Maryland

The timing of this meeting coincides with new opportunities afforded by great
progress in exploring the yeast and human genomes; the meeting will take place
~6 months after the anticipated public release of the complete sequence of the
S. cerevisiae genome and completion of the 400,000 human EST target set by the
Merck Gene Index Project.  The goals of the meeting are to emphasize the great
value and potential of combining studies in yeast and mammalian systems to
further understanding of genetics and basic cellular processes and to enhance
interactions between investigators working with these two systems.

Scientific Organizing Committee Co-Chairs:
Philip Hieter, Johns Hopkins University 
David Valle, Johns Hopkins University

Partial list of confirmed speakers and sessions: 
Each session will have eight speakers; approximately half of the talks will be
chosen from applicants' abstracts

Keynote Speakers
Ira Herskowitz, University of California at San Francisco
Francis Collins, National Institutes of Health
David Botstein, Stanford University

Cell Cycle, Checkpoints, and Cancer
Lee Hartwell, University of Washington
Tamar Enoch, Harvard University
Mike Kastan, Johns Hopkins University 
Steve Elledge, Baylor College of Medicine

Chromosome Structure, Genome Stability, and Cancer
Bert Vogelstein, Johns Hopkins University
Liz Blackburn, University of California at Berkeley
Tom Petes, University of North Carolina
Tom Kelly, Johns Hopkins University

Control of Gene Expression/ Signal Transduction
Gerry Fink, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jasper Rine, University of California at Berkeley
Hal Dietz, Johns Hopkins University
Richard Klausner, National Institutes of Health

Inherited and Acquired Disease
Rod Rothstein, Columbia University
Jef Boeke, Johns Hopkins University
Bob Nussbaum, National Institutes of Health
David Cox, Stanford University

Comparative Genomics and Technology
Stan Fields, University of Washington
Aya Jakobovits, Abgenix, Inc.
Mark Boguski, National Center for Biotechnology Information
Pat Brown, Stanford University

Cell Biology
Susan Michaelis, Johns Hopkins University
Art Horwich, Yale University
Mike Welsh, University of Iowa
Steve Gould, Johns Hopkins University

Application deadline: Friday, September 13, 1996
Attendance is limited to 200.  Meals will be included to encourage informal

To foster a highly interactive, scientific retreat atmosphere, registration
for this conference will be available by accepted abstract and application
only.  All participants will speak or present a poster as part of the
conference program.

At least thirty scholarships are available for pre- and post-doctoral
students.  Inquiries should be directed to the ASM Conferences Coordinator.

Applications and abstract forms can be printed from the Internet World Wide
Web at the address below or by contacting:

Conferences Coordinator
American Society for Microbiology
1325 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 942-9254/ telephone
(202) 942-9340/ fax
meetingsinfo at e-mail internet

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