hydroxyurea arrest

Colin Rasmussen colin at fungus.biochem.ualberta.ca
Wed Sep 11 21:32:08 EST 1996

Martin Stahl wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> Can anybody help me with hydroxyurea arrest? I used the amount of
> hydroxyurea as published (300 mM), but even the double amount did not
> arrest my cells (W303 background) in S-phase.
> Even after 5 hours of the arrest I found cells with large and small
> buds, as well as unbudded cells. The only effect I could see was that
> the fraction of cells with small buds has increased.
> Thank you in advance,
> Martin Stahl

How do you know they weren't arrested.  Did you count cell numbers after addition of 
HU.  Also since HU blocks cells in S, you would expect cells to have variable size 


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