Plasmid inheritance

Sanford Silverman silvermans at
Thu Sep 12 09:06:14 EST 1996

Brian Desany wrote:
> Hello all,
> My normal procedure is to streak a diploid containing a plasmid from a
> drop out plate onto a KoAc plate (recipe as per Methods in Enzymology
> yeast book) and I get tetrads within 3-5 days.  Usually though, very few
> of the tetrads got the plasmid, so it means I have to dissect a LOT to
> get what I want.  Does anyone know why this happens (I have the same
> problem with 2um and ARS-CEN plasmids), or more importantly how to
> ensure the plasmid is inherited in a high number of spores?
> Thanks,
> Brian.  
    Maybe I missed something, but did you dissect on selective medium?

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