Proline-rich activator domains in yeast.

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Mon Sep 16 19:07:42 EST 1996

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> Does anybody know if there are proline-rich activation domains
> functional in yeast (not only from yeast transcriptional activators,
> but from other organisms, too)?

P-rich domains are apparently active in yeast but more constrained by
requirement of proximity to the promoter than acidic activators (Kuntzler
et al., EMBO J., 1994, 13, 641-645). They are not common in yeast
activators but mammalian seem to be working with yeast transcriptional
machinery - to some extend at least. Another ref. for you - Kim & Roeder,
JBC, 1993, 268, 20866-20869 off the top of the ... stack of papers. Enjoy.
V. Svetlov

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