Protocol for GAL1 promoter induction.

Bleecker Lab sshiu at
Tue Sep 24 15:25:52 EST 1996


I have a fusion construct under the control of GAL1 promoter and try to
induce its production. By using the antiserum against the N-terminal of
the fusion product, we should be able to detect the fusion after
induction by galatose. But, there is nothing detectable.

I grew the yeast containing the fusion construct in 2% glucose/leu-
media overnight, the next morning I took 50 ul of the overnight culture
into 2 ml of 2% galactose/leu- media and grew it overnight again. Is
there anything wrong with this induction scheme?

Thanks in advance for help.

Shinhan Shiu
sshiu at
Department of Botany
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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