S. cerevisiae immunoprecipitations

Matthew Sachs msachs at ADMIN.OGI.EDU
Thu Sep 26 21:00:24 EST 1996

The 35S-Met-labeling/immunoprecipitation procedure described in the
reference cited below has been used by other yeast workers, including Alan
Hinnebusch's lab.   We found that this procedure also adapts well to the
fungus Neurospora.  Note that "co-immunoprecipitation" will not be achieved
using the method described in this reference.

D. J. Klionsky, L. M. Banta and S. D. Emr (1988). Intracellular sorting and
processing of a yeast vacuolar hydrolase:  proteinase A propeptide contains
vacuolar targeting information. Mol. Cell. Biol. 8: 2105-2116.

>Which is the appropriate 35S label to use for immunoprecipitations with
>yeast, 35S Sulfate or Methionine. If you have used either or both I am
>interested in seeing the protocol you used(vol. of cultures, density, amt.
>label used, etc.)
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