Glycerol in Freezing media

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>>        I was wondering exactly it is necessary to have glycerol in 
>>medium for bacteria, yeast, and animal cells.
> Yes it is.
>Try a little experiment where you add no glyc. 10%, 20%, 30% ...
>Freeze them at - 80C overnight.
>Then plate 50ul on non-selective media.
>This will show you the results.
>The Glycerol supposedly keeps ice crystals to a minnimum which allows the 
>cells to survive.
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Viability of frozen organisms is very much determined by the medthod of
thawing. For maximum survial, one should place the container of frozen 
organisms in a *cold* waterbath for thawing. A quick thaw will result
in very low survial rates.  R.Randolph-rand777 at

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