YPD medium lacking uracil

Tritech Research Tritech_Research at lamg.com
Mon Apr 21 08:21:26 EST 1997

Dear newsgroup readers,
I remember sometime ago hearing about a commercial source of YP(D) medium
lacking uracil (removed somehow).  I have a strain which requires
selection for maintenance of a URA3 plasmid (2 micron), without the growth
limitation imposed by synthetic medium.  If a YPD-uracil product does not
exist, is there another supplement I could add to SC to help the growth of
a slow-growing strain?  Any suggestions would be much appreciated: if you
could please post to my email address as well as the newsgroup, as
messages tend to scroll off our server.
Thanks v. much,
Colin MacDiarmid (macdiarm at sbsu1.auckland.ac.nz)
SBS, Auckland University.
If you are not already, you can add plenty of casamino acids.

Andy Papp
tritech_research at LAMG.COM

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