buffer for growth medium?

Joakim Norbeck Joakim.Norbeck at gmm.gu.se
Fri Dec 5 11:39:27 EST 1997


I am in the process of deciding on an optimal growth medium and have
decided that I need to buffer. The question now is with what I should do
this and to what pH?
The most common buffer in literature is succinate at pH 5.9 set with NaOH,
the disadvantage is that it is a weak organic acid which can cause problems
with proton gradients.
I am also thinking of using MES-buffer at the same pH, but this is not
commonly used to my knowledge so any adverse effects are not known to me.
If anyone has negative or positive comments on either system, or can
suggest some other buffer, I would be much obliged.

Sincerely yours,

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