Need help with transformation of a library into Y190

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Snow, Sheila : NSI RAss wrote:
> Hi,
>     I have searched part of the archives and can't find help! I am trying to
> transform a library into Y190. I have tried sequential and simultaneous via
> electroporation to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions!
> Thanks for any advice/experiences that you have had!
> Sheila
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Hi Sheila,

to me electroporation seems not to be the proper way for transforming
a two-hybrid library. Most people seem to do this according to the 
PEG/LiAC/ssDNA method by Daniel Gietz. You will find a detailed protocol
on the Gietz lab trafo homepage at

I posted a newsgroup request concerning the same problem a few weeks ago
and got lots of response.
Most researchers made good experiences with the Gietz protocol though some
seem to have the same problems we have.
Critical steps seem to be:
-preparation of reagents, especially carrier DNA
-kind of bait vector used, pAS1 turns out to be not very stable in yeast so
efficiencies are rather low
-eposure of the agar plates to light lowers the efficiency dramaticly. That
is what Dan Gietz found out and he assured me that it is really very important
to keep the plates in the dark before use.

You can find a step by step outline of the use of the two-hybrid system in

Gietz et al., Identification of proteins......, Mol. and Cell. Biochemistry 172:
67-79, 1997

Hope this helps


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