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Steve J. Quest Squest at
Sat Dec 20 12:12:34 EST 1997

On Sat, 20 Dec 1997, Munn Alan Leslie wrote:

> Dear Steve, Most S. cerevisiae labs use YPD (1% Difco Bacto Yeast Extract,

	Is this an autolyzed yeast (possibly brewers spents)?

> 2% Difco Bacto Peptone, 2% dextrose [i.e. glucose]) as non-selective medium
> and SD (0.67% Bacto Yeast Nitrogen Base, 2% dextrose [i.e. glucose], and
> necessary auxotrophic supplements depending on the strain) as selective

	These sound like natural growth mediums, I was looking to purchase
or synthesize a _synthetic_ medium.  So far I've had success staring with
Pasteur's salt stock solution, and adding my own improvents (vitamins).

> medium.  See the books put out by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
> called Methods in Yeast Genetics.  There is a new edition which was
> supposed to be available in October this year.  Previous editions were
> from 1974 (ed. Sherman et al.), 1994 (ed. Chis Kaiser et al.) and 1990
> (ed. Mark Rose et al.).  Regards, Alan. 

	Thank you, I'll pursue your leads, however, do you have a
synthetic growth medium I could experiment with and have you had
experience with synthetics enough to tell me if using Pasteurs stock
solution without dilution is correct, and if I'm omitting anything in the
medium I'm experimenting with? What have others done with synthetic
mediums?  Thank you in advance. 


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