Questions regarding carbon base production.

Steve J. Quest Squest at
Mon Dec 22 15:51:50 EST 1997

On Mon, 22 Dec 1997, Michael J Conboy wrote:

> Steve,
> 	Our lab yeast grow optimally at pH5, well at pH4 and OK at pH3.
> You could probably grow your yeast at those pH.  Succinate is a good yeast
> buffer for pH 4-6.

	I found HCl to be excellent myself.  Yeasts seem to love mineral
acids and hate organic acids.  Your information is exactly what I need,
I'll try the next inoculum at pH 4 (I've already had success at pH 6 & 5) 

> 	So why all the hassle with the sucrose?  Dextrose should be
> available at baking and brewing supply stores.

	I want to avoid expense.  Cheap pure cane sugar from the grocery
store can be inverted to glucose/fructose 50-50% cheaply, definately much
cheaper than purchasing pure glucose from baking or brewing stores.


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