biodine b

Mike Challen mike.challen at
Mon Feb 3 12:03:55 EST 1997

Hi Luiz

We regularly use Biodyne 'A' membranes (BNNG 132) for colony blotting with
DIG probes.  With these we have had no problems, but we have not tried the
'B's.  As I understand it, the Biodyne A and B membranes are both nylon
6.6, B is positively charged, while A is neutral.  It's not clear exactly
what your problem is or what type of sample you are working with:  The
literature I have recommends using Biodyne A for colony/plaque lifts but
other than that, both A and B should work with DIG.  Indeed,  Boehringer
recommend the use of positive charge membranes.


Luiz H. Gomes <luhgomes at> wrote in article
<5cfqdq$a9n at>...
> We would like to have any information about biodine B membranes 
> associated to DIG label DNA probes. We have some problems with 
> fixation and hybridization. Thanks.

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