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Tue Feb 4 18:39:48 EST 1997

I heard the cytoplasmic pH is around 6.9 to 7.0, but I can't remember the
reference. In The Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Yeast
Scaccharomyces (Broach, Jones, Pringle CSHL Press 1991,  Vol. 1 p.547)
Ramon Serrano writes that the intracellular pH can range 6.8- 7.3
depending on the pH of the medium. The vacuole is roughly pH 5.5.

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--Daniel Schott
Cornell University
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> Does anybody know about intracellular pH of S. cerevisiae?  And what about
> lysosomal pH? 
> Mammalian cells usually have roughly pH 7.2 in cytosol and pH 5.0 in
> lysosomes.  So I wonder the yeast might have a little lower pH since yeast
> media have lower pH than 7.0.  Is this reasonable?  Any comments would be
> appreciated!
> Namjin Chung, who knows little and asks a lot!
> Program in Molecular Cancer Biology
> Duke University Medical Center
> Durham, North Carolina

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