Pulse electrophoresis

fleisch at embratel.net.br fleisch at embratel.net.br
Wed Feb 5 09:09:29 EST 1997

	Dear Yeasties
	I=B4m intereste in starting with pulse electrophoresis procedures in my=20
lab. The problem is that the equipment is quite expensive (Bio rad and Ph=
 are the two that I=B4ve quoted) and the tax prices in Brazil are expensi=
ve too.=20
	Does any body knows a cheaper equipment with a reasonable quality?=20
Pharmacia was the cheapest that I found and costs here around  US $17.000=
 CIF. I=20
would be very hapy if I find something cheaper than US $10.000 CIF  (We c=
expect that the taxes are around 100 % for this kind of products in Brazi=
	Thank you very much.
	Claus Troger Pich

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