Pulse electrophoresis

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At the CSH Yeast course they gave out the plans for constructing a 
PFGE system.  I had out local science machine shop construct the 
chamber from plexiglass for about $400.  You then need about $200 
worth of platinum wire, our electronics shop built the resistor box 
for about $200, a timer controller costs around $100, and the 
external cooling water bath costs $1500-2000 (all in US Dollars).  I 
wrote a DOS program that can control a $150 PC board for elaborate 
ramping protocols but for that to work the resistor box has to be 
changed around.  The design of the box is pretty simple and so is the 
electronics.  The long and the short of it is that if you have people 
that are good at machining and assembling plexiglass and someone else 
that can do simple electronic circuit board work you can put the 
whole thing together for around $3000.

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> Subject:       Pulse electrophoresis
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> 	Dear Yeasties
> 	I=B4m intereste in starting with pulse electrophoresis procedures in my=20
> lab. The problem is that the equipment is quite expensive (Bio rad and Ph=
> armacia=20
>  are the two that I=B4ve quoted) and the tax prices in Brazil are expensi=
> ve too.=20
> 	Does any body knows a cheaper equipment with a reasonable quality?=20
> Pharmacia was the cheapest that I found and costs here around  US $17.000=
>  CIF. I=20
> would be very hapy if I find something cheaper than US $10.000 CIF  (We c=
> an=20
> expect that the taxes are around 100 % for this kind of products in Brazi=
> l)
> 	Thank you very much.
> 	Claus Troger Pich
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