QUERY: Identity of all intron-containing yeast genes

Ken Howe howe at DARWIN.UCSC.EDU
Sat Feb 8 01:14:15 EST 1997

you can find a list of yeast intron-containing genes at a couple places. 
 Since I'm not at my usual computer, I don't have the URLs, but you can
access them by following the link from my homepage (hey, I gotta get
some traffic, even if it's just passing through).  Go to the Ares' lab
homepage from there, then take the link to the "introns" page.  You
should note that this is only a partial list, but probably the most
complete one you'll find anywhere.  Those that are missing include
intron-containing RNAs such as U3A/U3B and a few others.

My URL is at the end of this note.

Hope this helps.


On 8 Feb 1997,
Chris Patil wrote:

> Analysis of the S. cerevisiae genome suggests that there are 220 ORFs
> which contain introns. I'd like to get a complete list, but I can't figure
> out how to search the databases for all genes containing introns. (Already
> tried FASTA search on UACUAACA, but that didn't work.)
> If anyone knows of a complete list on the web or ftp somewhere, or could
> just provide a hint about how to search the database comprehensively for
> introns, I would very much like to hear from them.

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