New information about yeast and the Unsolved Mystery Diseases

Katherine E. Anderson Katherine_Anderson at IDEA4U.COM
Mon Feb 10 19:41:30 EST 1997

There's a web site that you may be interested in.  

Unsolved Mystery Diseases
Web Address:

Section 1 discusses 9 pathological mechanisms that are known or can be
inferred from what we do know about yeast.  This information that we know
about yeast from non-medical industries has great value in the study of
Unsolved Mystery Diseases.

Section 2 consists of Individual Disease Etiologies, which discusses these
mechanisms in relation to the specific diseases in which they manifest. 
Over 100 diseases are discussed.

It may be helpful for you to read the first section of that website and
compare notes.  Perhaps you will find a key that opens the doors you've been
trying to open in your work.  

Thank you for taking time to read this.


K.E. Anderson
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