Protocol for DAPI staining yeast

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Mon Feb 17 09:54:42 EST 1997

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> Is there and existing protocol for simply DAPI staining of yeast for
> visualization under fluorescence optics (no immuno, just DAPI).
We have a very simple protocol for staining with DAPI, as follows:

DAPI Staining of yeast nuclei (for staining 0.5-1 ml of a log phase culture)

1. Pellet cells, resuspend in 50 ul water.  Add 1 ml ETOH. Alternatively,
fix cells in 50% ETOH.

2. Add DAPI to 0.1-0.2 ug/ml.  Let sit 5 min.

3. Spin out, rinse 2x with water.  Resuspend in a small volume (usually
20-50 µl).

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