Protocol for DAPI staining yeast

Reinhard Nestelbacher reinhard.nestelbacher at
Tue Feb 18 18:18:42 EST 1997

James R. Bone wrote:
> Is there and existing protocol for simply DAPI staining of yeast for
> visualization under fluorescence optics (no immuno, just DAPI).
Hallo James.

Mix the yeast suspension with a drop af aqueous DAPI staining solution
at a concentration ranging from 0,5 to 2ug/ml. You have to try!

Mount the stained cells on a microscope slide, apply a coverslip and
observe immediately.

Lit.: e.g.: Williamson et al, (1983) Exp. Cell Res, 145, 209
	    Kuroiowa et al (1984) Exp. Cell Res. 153, 259

(DAPI can also be used in combination with Ethidiumbromid; ask for more,
if interested)

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