Mutagenesis, B-gal, & 2-Hybrid Questions

Franck Laurent franck.laurent at
Thu Feb 20 12:51:13 EST 1997

>>***Also, I recently saw a seminar that had slides of blue yeast
>>growing(?) on media.  Was the X-gal included in the media.  I thought
>>that B-gal wasn't excreted by yeast and that they had to be lysed,
>>what was going on here?
>It does work without lysis but the signals are much weaker (that's
>what Clontech say).

It was also perhaps the LexA system instead of GAL4! In the LexA system, the 
beta-gal gene is on a high copy number plasmid (compared to 1 copy in GAL4) 
and thus blue colonies can be detected directly on selective medium containing 


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