pombe expression vector

TOHDA Hideki htohda at agc.co.jp
Mon Feb 24 19:32:03 EST 1997

Hi Steve,

I have been using a pombe expression vector, pTL2M1 (Gene 150 (1994)
275-280). That has MCS between human cytomegalovirus promoter and 3'-UTR
of lipocortin I cDNA. I have successfully produced various proteins at a
high level. But I haven't try the integrated constructs. Has anybody?

> S. pombe people,
> Does anyone know of a pombe expression vector with a good MCS between
> the CMV promoter and a good terminator?  Also, I have seen comparisons
> of expression systems in pombe where various promoters were studied on
> plasmids, but has anyone over compared these various promoters on
> integrated constructs?  Thanks for your help.  
> Steve Ingram
> Ingram at bioc02.uthscsa.edu

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