Yeast Expression Vector

Chris Koth kothc at fhs.csu.McMaster.CA
Tue Feb 25 11:41:56 EST 1997

Hi All!

	I'm looking for a yeast expression vector which has (hopefully) 
all or some of the following characteristics:

	1) N-term 6Xhis tag
	2) N-term FLAG epitope after his tag
	3) gal 10 promoter
	4) PGK term.
	5) TRP marker
	6) gives LOADS of protein (in your experience)

	Can ANYONE help me out here?  I'm new to expressing in yeast, and 
am hoping to have a head start.

	My goal is to be able to purify protein via nickel chromatography 
and also do westerns via the FLAG epitope (since I'v heard its good).



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